Homework Policy

Importance of Reading

“Helping to develop a love of reading and writing is one of the most important things we can do for our, and with our children.  Their natural curiosity and thirst for new knowledge are strengthened through reading. … It is a journey that starts at a very young age and continues through a lifetime.” – Joyce Fairbairin

Parkside staff supports the statement made by former Minister Fairbairin and requests that reading be an activity that is completed on a daily basis by each student.

Homework Policy

Homework will generally be assigned to students four nights a week, however, there may be instances and situations where this number may fluctuate somewhat.  The purpose for assigning homework is to review work completed in class, finish work not completed in class, practice skills, share learning with parent(s)/guardian(s), and/or to develop a discipline for studying.
At each grade level, time frames have been established as the maximum amount of time children should spend on homework each night.  We do not want students spending any longer than these time frames, as it can lead to great frustration for the student and/ or the family.  If homework is a difficult experience in your home, please speak to your child’s teacher.  Some suggestions and strategies could be given that may create a more pleasant time for everyone.

Maximum Time for Homework:

Kindergarten – 15 minutes (10 minutes of this should be reading or being read to)
Grade one – 15 minutes
Grade two – 30 minutes
Grade three – 30 minutes
Grade four – 45 minutes
Grade five – 45 minutes
Grade six – 45 minutes