Home and School

What is Home and School?

Home and School is a volunteer, non-profit organization made up of parents.  It is an advocacy group working on the benefit of school age children, locally, provincially and nationally.  Currently, topics being raised with the government include curriculum content, class size/composition, school bus safety, air quality and assessments.  These are just a few of the current ideas being raised with the government.

At Parkside our Home and School has a number of committees dedicated to upholding the PEI Home and School guiding principles.  Some of them include hosting a Family Welcome Night at the beginning of the year, Run a Healthy Snack program throughout the year, help stock the lunch cupboard, host teacher and staff appreciation events, sponsor families at Christmas, hold a bike rodeo and more.  We are always looking for parents or caregivers to get involved either by donating goods to a bake sale, volunteering a couple of hours every few months or joining a committee.

Why Should I Join?

Your child is reason enough!  Joining Home and School is a great way to get involved in their education.  Don’t miss this important opportunity to be a part of your child’s school life.

How do I join?

You can contact Co-Chairs Joanna Stewart or Sara Courtney by email or phone if you have any questions or are interested in being a part of the Parkside Home and School team. bjstewart@eastlink.ca or 902-436-6120 / sahracourtney@hotmail.com or 902-886-2002

Do I Have to Attend Many Meetings?

No!  You are welcome to only attend meetings, special events etc. that are convenient for you. Remember, the more meetings you attend, the more informed you will be and the more input you would have.  If you are unable to attend meetings there are many other ways you can volunteer to help.

At Parkside our hour long meetings are a great opportunity to meet other Parkside families, stay up to date on what is happening at the school, and be a part of making things happen within the school. Your concerns and suggestions are always important to the Parkside Home and School Association.

Just by coming to a meeting you could win your child’s class an ice cream party!

Do I have to Join a Committee?

No!  Participation is strictly voluntary at both the local and provincial level.  At  Parkside you are always welcome to join a committee.  It is a great opportunity to meet other parents, get to know the school and make a difference in the school.  There are also many ways you can volunteer to help without being a committee member.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes!  Volunteers are a vital part of our school community. Whether you have one hour a year or one hour a week we would love to work with you!  Volunteers can be parents or caregivers.  Please contact one of the co-chairs to learn how you can help.  Remember even just one hour in the whole school year.  Volunteers are vital to being able to continue with all the great programs such as class fieldtrips and the Healthy Snack program.

Volunteer application form (PDF)

PEI Home and School Guiding Principles

  • To obtain the best for each child in Prince Edward Island.
  • To promote the welfare of all children and youth in this province.
  • To foster cooperation between parents and teachers, so that every Island child, may grow to their full potential.
  • To give parents an understanding of the school and it’s administration.
  • To be informed, constructive partners with educators.
  • To promote high standards of well being in each child’s life.
  • To promote the care and protection of children and youth.
  • To promote affiliations with any organizations which concern themselves with the care and development of children and youth, in the home, school and community
  • To obtain the best for each child according to his or her physical, mental, social and spiritual needs.
  • To foster high ideals of citizenship and to promote through educational means, international goodwill and peace

Members of the Parkside Home and School 2015-2016 Executive Team  

Co-Chairs: Joanna Stewart bjstewart@eastlink.ca or 902-436-6120 / Sara Courtney sahracourtney@hotmail.com or 902-886-2002

Vice President: unfilled, please contact the co-chairs if you’re interested in the position!
Secretary:Marilyn Cousins MacMurdo
Treasurer: Lisa Schurman-Smith


Please contact Joanna Stewart or Sara Courtney by email or phone. bjstewart@eastlink.ca or 902-436-6120 / sahracourtney@hotmail.com or 902-886-2002